Chris Fillmore #55

Chris Fillmore #55

· 1st Place Infineon Raceway XR1200 Race
· 2nd place AMA Supermoto Championship
· 2nd place Daytona XR1200 Inaugural Race


What’s your typical pre-race meal?
Oats or granola with yogurt and lots of fruit

What is one of your best racing memories?
Preparing all my gear for the race is about it. I always have to sit on the bike before it leaves pit wall just to give it a once over.

What is one of your best racing memories?
Winning Road America AMA Supermoto in 2005 by 10 second in the rain!

What motivated you to get started racing?
My Dad

What would you be doing if you weren’t a professional motorcycle racer?
I’d like to maybe own a bicycle shop

What else is in your garage?
KTM 350sx, Honda CRF 450, Trek Superfly Elite and some mini bikes

Any advice to the readers dreaming to turn pro?
Never stop trying

How many hours a week are you on Facebook?
1 ish

Do you Twitter?

What are your favorite magazines and websites?,, Racerx, any climbing magazine

Who are your heros?
Doug Henry

Beach or mountains?

High Fives or FIst Bump?
High Fives

iPhone , Blackberry or Android?

Mac or PC?

Top 3 bands?
Tune-Yards, Grizzly Bear, Tool

Greatest strength?
Being open minded

Most frustrating challenge?
Climbing the ladder in AMA Pro Road Racing