Vance & Hines Torquer 450

The All-New Game-Changing Torquer 450 Slip-Ons

Nobody loves the sound and feel of a Harley-Davidson Milwaukee 8 motor more than Hall of Fame drag racer Terry Vance. So, when consumers told him they wanted better sound from their Harley touring bike’s exhaust, the company he founded went after the solution. The result, the Vance & Hines Torquer 450 Slip-On muffler. It delivers superior sound, improved horsepower and torque and it's designed to be used with stock exhaust headers, which many riders choose to keep on their bikes. 

"On my annual trip to the Sturgis rally, other riders told me they couldn't find slip-ons that delivered great sound," said Vance. “We needed to reinvent the 4.5-inch category.”

"I gave the challenge to our Engineering Team, and they needed to invent new baffles to do it,” continued Vance & Hines President Mike Kennedy. “Now we offer the best sounding M8 slip-ons in the market and we can build them at Vance & Hines for a great price. That's pretty cool."

The Torquer 450 slip-ons are the newest entry into the 4.5-inch diameter segment of the exhaust market. The 50-state emission compliant slip-on mufflers deliver superior sound and improved horsepower and torque, the best performance of any Vance & Hines slip-on exhaust. 

Vance & Hines developed the new free-flowing LS-275 baffle (patent pending) specifically to address the concerns of owners of Milwaukee 8-powered Harley-Davidson motorcycles. Design and manufacturing of the Torquer 450 takes place in the company's plant in Santa Fe Springs CA. 

Style is important to every rider, so the new mufflers were designed with maximum visual impact. Featuring a huge 4.5-inch diameter slip-on and new, stylized, billet end caps, the exhaust makes a visual statement along with a deep, throaty sound.  

Pricing on the Torquer 450 is a winner, too. At $599(US) for Chrome and $649(US) for black, the new slip-ons are the lowest price of any 4.5-inch pipe in the industry.

Torquer 450 slip-ons are available now at motorcycle dealers around the USA and abroad. 

About Vance & Hines: The Vance & Hines brand has always been about enhancing the exhilaration of the motorcycle ride. It started over 40 years ago, when Terry Vance and Byron Hines were two young enthusiasts in the fledgling Southern California motorcycle drag race scene. Terry always wanted to go faster and Byron knew how to make that happen. In short order, their on-track success and innovation drew the attention of other racers, riders and motorcycle manufacturers, which ultimately translated to commercial demand for their products and services. Today, the Company's mission and activity is the same; make bikes go faster on the race track and take those learnings to make impactful products for riders around the world. Since the Company's inception in 1979, it has run factory race programs in partnership with Suzuki, Yamaha, Ducati and Harley-Davidson in drag racing, road racing and flat track. Learn more about the company's history and products at


  • william p cullen

    What would you suggest for exhaust, high air flow filter, tuner and possibly cooler for best hp and torque, sound would be a bonus

  • Mark

    How much power/torque increase can I expect to gain by only replacing my stock mufflers with the Torquer 450’s on my 2017 Road Glide Special?

  • Ronald Lynch

    Just put a set on my 2017 Road Glide 107 M8. These Torquer 450’s mean torque & sound amazing in every gear, from acceleration to deceleration. They put the Hot Rod sound in the Milwaukee Eight.

  • Mik e Williams

    I’m interested in the Torque r 450’s for my 2020 Ultra Limited Blackout. I’d prefer to stay with the stock header s. Looking for input. I was actually looking at the 4" twin Slashers in black but it appears that only chrome are available.

  • Richard Shilts

    Would like to get your new slip on torquer 450 ,for my new 114 Mil. Motor (stock)but my dealer said that that the 4.5" is to big diameter for my stock motor and would lose torque and horsepower. Is this true I need to know before I purchase. I was under the understanding this exhaust was developed specifically for a stock 114 Milwaukee area code and not lose any horsepower or Torque because of them. Advice is that true or do they not know what they’re talking about when it comes to this exhaust? They want me to purchase a cobra 4in slip-ons. But I like the sound and the look of the Vance & Hines torker 450. Please respond to let me know cuz I don’t want to waste my money on an exhaust that ruins my performance of my stock engine which later on I plan to add a programmer and different high-flow air cleaner.

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