Vance & Hines Wraps Up Successful Relationship with Harley-Davidson, Moves Resources to New Racing Development Center

Vance & Hines Wraps Up Successful Relationship with Harley-Davidson, Moves Resources to New Racing Development Center

Vance & Hines Wraps Up Successful Relationship with Harley-Davidson, Moves Resources to New Racing Development Center

With the announcement that Harley-Davidson has chosen not to field factory racing teams in American Flat Track(AFT) or NHRA drag racing in 2021, Vance & Hines will redeploy its racing development team towards creating high performance products for a variety of vehicles, brands and race series in both two and four-wheel segments.

"We thank Harley-Davidson for being a partner with Vance & Hines for 20 years. Together, in AFT and NHRA, we have celebrated 116 wins and 11 championships,” said Vance & Hines founder Terry Vance. “Harley-Davidson has been one of the best partners we’ve ever had."

Vance & Hines employees were informed earlier today that the Indy Operations Team will be refocused on performance products for two and four-wheel vehicles and will be redeployed under the name Vance & Hines Racing Development Center (RDC). Vance & Hines will continue its racing tradition in 2021 with sponsored riders in a variety of racing series.

In addition, Vance & Hines will remain the sole licensee, manufacturer and seller of Harley-Davidson XG750R Production Twin motorcycles and Harley-Davidson XG750R Super Twin motorcycles. This racing variant of the Harley-Davidson Street 750 was the motorcycle that won the AFT Production Twins championship in 2020. The Production Twins bike is being manufactured and shipped to Harley-Davidson dealers at this time.

"Vance & Hines is having its best year in over a decade. We're strong and we have a strategy that drives our growth and expansion in our current markets and in new ventures," said Mike Kennedy, President and CEO. "While we loved our time running the factory race teams for Harley-Davidson, we couldn't be more excited about the future."

Vance & Hines has been contracted to run factory race teams for a range of companies during its 41-year history including Suzuki, Yamaha and Ducati. The partnership with Harley-Davidson was focused on drag racing and flat track racing.

About Vance & Hines

The Vance & Hines brand has always been about enhancing the exhilaration of the motorcycle ride. It started over 40 years ago, when Terry Vance and Byron Hines were two young enthusiasts in the fledgling Southern California motorcycle drag race scene. Terry always wanted to go faster and Byron knew how to make that happen. In short order, their on-track success and innovation drew the attention of other racers, riders and motorcycle manufacturers, which ultimately translated to commercial demand for their products and services. Today, the Company's mission and activity is the same; make bikes go faster on the race track and take those learnings to make impactful products for riders around the world. Since the Company's inception in 1979, it has run factory race programs in partnership with Suzuki, Yamaha, Ducati and Harley-Davidson in drag racing, road racing and flat track. Learn more about the company's history and products at


  • Ken Talmadge

    Back in the early 80s I built a Vanceand Hines Honda engineI believe it was 1180cc? Santee frame 5 spoke mags, wish I could find that bike

  • Gerardo Mielke

    Harley needs to break the tradition of poor decision making. Failure to compete at the top levels of Motorsports means development stops! Still- born Motocross,AFT,MV Augusta and who knows what else they spent $ on that the rug was pulled out from under just before it could bear fruit! Its not how much you spend its how you spend it!

  • Jason Joyner

    Harley Davidson needs to put out a super sports bike. The steady decline of Harley-Davidson owners is sinking HD. Don’t waste money on electric bikes. Get a fully faired crotch rocket. Get younger buyers. I have 3 Harleys and I would love to add a true sport bike to my collection.

  • James Seidler

    I have followed them when Terry was riding and Byron tuning. Met them @ Gainesville over twenty years ago. They were a class act then and still are.

  • LK Braunig

    As a Harley owner and a fan of the NHRA I am deeply disappointed. Come on Harley get back in the game.

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